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A beautiful rug can give any space a touch of class and comfort. A good rug washing service is aware of this. From modern, minimalist and subtle rugs, to the famous oriental ones—including all types of thickness and shagginess—all kinds of rugs require frequent cleanings. Failing to keep them clean can lead to health issues, in addition to affecting its aesthetic and hygienic aspects, which are exceptionally important in home, whether it’s a modern or a traditional one.

A lavanderia de tapetes deve ser capaz de reconhecer as múltiplas características que compõe os tapetes e processa-los de acordo. A secagem e embalagem dos mesmos também precisam de uma atenção especializada, visando preserva-los por um longo período de tempo.

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For your convenience, Dry Wash will collect your rug at your home or office address, and return them flawlessly washed and cleaned for your safety and satisfaction.

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