Comforters and Duvets

Dry Wash Cleaners, with its 21+ years serving the Carioca community of Rio-including comforter and duvet treatments-is aware of the increasing use of these items, which are now being produced by luxury brands. The same goes for blankets, sheets, and pillowcases. They are specially designed items that function just as much as decoration as welcoming and comfortable sleep aids. As such, they demand special care when being washed.

Because they have this intimate role, in close contact with the user’s skin, it is all the more important that there remains no residual chemicals on its surface, which can trigger allergies or just general discomfort-as well as damage to the fabric itself.

+ Details

The linings and stuffing materials of duvets and comforters vary in their make-up, so special attention must be given by cleaning professionals in order to preserve its quality and lifespan.

Also worth mentioning are the infamous lint balls. On top of being coarse and uncomfortable, they make your duvet look old and poorly kept. Only Dry Wash can remove them at their source. We guarantee an excellent finish. Similarly, luxury brand bedsheets and pillowcases require specialized knowledge to be properly treated. There’s nothing quite like having a luxury brand taking care of another.

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