Evening Gowns and Cocktail Dresses

Stylish, elegant, and beautiful-that is the Brazilian woman, who has been described as such in prose, poetry, and music so prolifically that it’s acknowledged worldwide. As part of the cultivation of this womanly image, we must consider the beautiful evening gowns and cocktail dresses that they wear. The dry-cleaning process of these gowns must reflect this understanding.

Famous designer evening dresses and cocktail gowns are often so beautiful, elaborate, and/or ornate that they’re actual masterpieces-meaningful testaments to the class and exquisite taste of our customers. They can be subtle, understated, perhaps out of respectful shyness for being wrapped around the immaculate shape that is the female figure. A proper dry-cleaning service then plays an important supporting role in protecting this image

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Evening gowns have always been our well-known specialty. Throughout the Carioca society of Rio, Dry Wash is recognized for consistently remaining at the frontlines of this high-quality, delicate service.

Because there are multiple fabrics and accessories being produced by high-end fashion designers-who are always pumping out new styles and addressing new demands-our qualified professionals are thoroughly prepared to handle these items. We are fully committed to our deep respect for you and your clothes, and to providing a fully satisfactory result.

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