Leather, Suede, and Chamois

Leather and its various forms has been used in clothing and accessories for men and women for thousands of years. Though they were often associated with a rougher, adventurous lifestyle (like explorers and conquerors), they have recently gained a touch of sophistication. Naturally, this means the demand for a professional washing/cleaning service for leathers, suedes, and chamois has greatly increased. Luxury brands constantly put out shirts, blouses, skirts and dresses that incorporate the soft and delicate feel of chamois, which gives them a younger, modern, and natural look.

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From a user’s point of view, low-quality leathers only show their true colors when their color and consistency quickly begin to deteriorate, whether due to continuous use, exposure to sunlight, or to washing processes.

These products can deceive you when you’re window-shopping. Chamois, suede, and leather products should ideally be purchased at specialized stores with a knowledgeable staff that understands the subject and can guarantee their products’ origins and quality.

Manufacturers should include detailed washing instructions to show their commitment to the durability of their products. Dry Wash has the experience and reputation to wash these items, and holds multiple training sessions focusing specifically on this topic in Chicago, IL.

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