Sewing and Tailoring

You know that new shirt or those jeans you own (maybe you just bought them), which would be absolutely perfect if you could only trim them a bit, tuck in a loose spot or adjust a hemline? Maybe you want to switch up the zipper on a jacket, stitch in new buttons, sew up a hole, or just give it a trendier feel to match your look.

Our sewing and tailoring services here at Dry Wash are done by the very best seamstresses in Brazil, in terms of both quality and time to completion. Come see for yourself and experience the delight of being attended by our wonderfully talented staff!

Types of Sewing and Tailoring we offer:

  1. General Adjustments;
  2. Hemline Adjustments;
  3. Zipper Replacements;
  4. Button Stitching;
  5. Collar and Sleeve Replacements;
  6. Jeans Customization/Tailoring;
  7. Tailoring for Abadás;
  8. Shirt Tailoring;
  9. Lining/Padding Replacements;
  10. Patches and Repairs.
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Dry Wash is much more than your average dry cleaner!

Our sewing services go far beyond the basics. Our team of professionals are proficient in all the essential sewing services you might need—like trimming hemlines, general tailoring and adjustments—yet they’re also experts in personal customizations.

From Recreio to Barra, or São Conrado to Gávea, Leblon to Arpoador, Ipanema to Jardim Botânico, Lagoa to Humaitá, Copacabana to Leme, Botafogo to Catete, Leme to Urca, and from Flamengo to Cosme Velho—you can count on us at Dry Wash to solve all of your sewing and tailoring problems.