Couch, Sofa, Armchair, Mattress and Upholstery Cleaning

Dry Wash cleaning services have expanded to include disinfection, washing, cleaning, and waterproofing for couches, armchairs, mattresses, and other general upholstery items. In addition to a commitment-free price estimate, we provide a free and personalized assessment of your upholstery’s condition, through which we’ll determine whether our services are applicable for your particular case.


Cleaning and Waterproofing:

Our cleaning services for couches and mattresses are done ensuring the highest degree of care for each item’s integrity and make-up, in addition to its intended surroundings. In particular, for our waterproofing service, we use non-flammable products that will guarantee you, your family, and your home’s safety.

Your upholstery will benefit from the same professional-grade standards that Dry-Wash has always upheld when handling your clothes for the last 24 years in Rio de Janeiro. Now, in addition to carpets, rugs and drapes, your upholstery can also take advantage of our presence. In fact, having clean and fresh-looking upholstery is more than just a matter of aesthetics—their cleanliness and disinfection provide an additional health benefit for you and your family.

Let Dry Wash handle your cleaning and disinfecting necessities when it comes to your upholstery.


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