A good dry cleaner service knows that tablecloths are essential when hosting receptions, celebrations, parties, or other gatherings. They’re normally made of natural fibers, and often incorporate embroideries and trims to add a touch of sophistication and flair.

Given their primary function, they come in various sizes—often reaching 6 meters in length or more. These larger tablecloths require proportionate equipment for both washing and pressing.

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Tablecloths can be damaged over time due to excessive exposure to indoor lighting or sunlight. More obviously, though, they are stained by food, drinks, and other delicacies after use which, over time, can take a toll on its appearance and feel.

That’s why it’s extremely important that these items are carefully and frequently brought to the care of an experienced washing and cleaning service like Dry Wash, where we’ll remove any corrosive or destructive elements from its service with precise attention to detail.

We always make sure to use appropriately measured quantities of chemicals, and, afterwards, our finishing touches and pressing give you an impeccable result: the restoration of your tablecloths’ inherent beauty, as well as a guaranteed prolonged lifespan.

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